Learning self care can give you confidence and power –
the power to be in control during a life-threatening situation.
It starts with self love.

What is Self-love?

Self-love is not simply a state of feeling good; it is an action. Self-love is a choice.

It is a way of relating to yourself ; being able to effectively communicate without harshly judging or punishing yourself. Standing up for what you need first,

without compromising your needs or values for others.

The type of love that actually contributes to our self-confidence and self-worth is based on realizing that we have unlimited courage, wisdom and compassion—just as we are.

Research has shown that learning how to self-love is associated with:

  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Better recovery from stress
  • An overall more optimistic outlook on life
  • Interest in healthy behaviour changes

Benefits of Self-Love

Self-love is about accepting who you are, and respecting yourself.
Have you listened to the way you talk to yourself?

Do you call yourself stupid when you drop something or forget something?

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

Take some time to listen to how you are speaking to yourself, you may be surprised by what you hear.

In short, self-love is how you view yourself and how you treat yourself.

An interesting experiment done by a Japanese scientist- Dr Masaru Emoto – Japanese businessman & author ,who claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. One of his books: The Hidden Messages of Water, was a New York Times best seller.

In his book he talked about how showing love or hate drastically affected the structure of water.

( see the video for examples) Dr Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments
I’m mentioning this due to the profound affect our emotions and intentions have relating to self love.

When I was attending school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of my classes was based on this idea. The class was called Primary food. I thought the class would focus on how eating certain foods are the keys to health ; rather, it was focused on how our emotions influence our health overall.

Example; With work; do we enjoy what we do or hate it ; is it simply a means to an end? With no deeper enjoyment or value?

The emotion of hate has been proven to dramatically affect our wellbeing.

Similar to how the water texture changes by the emotion- hate.

There are positive reasons to eat well- exercise- sleep the recommended amount and engage in other healthy behavior; however, IF we think that doing those actions first while hating those choices -our results? Well maybe not as favorable as we hope for.

Hating that diet or exercise program could be the very reason you haven’t lost the ideal weight or feel good about your progress. Consider this if you can relate to your current situation. 


“ Determination is the key to growth and the source of Strength” Daisaku Ikeda.

Our drive or motivation is directly related to how we feel about ourselves and the choices we make.

Creating a happier- healthier lifestyle can require a determined mind followed by actions with skills and tools.

What are health skills?

Specific tools and strategies to maintain, protect, and improve all aspects of your health.

Taking full responsibility for ourselves first. There are multiple ways to achieve good health.

It appears today all we hear about is vaccines and boosters.
This is only one step to protect one’s health and your loved ones.

I consider a Bio- individuality approach. Bio-individuality is the idea that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition. Instead, we’re all unique in our biological makeup and requirements. Each person has their own specific nutritive and health needs as well as; routines, practices, and preferences that work for them.

If you hate yourself and choose a lifestyle that supports your belief in yourself..
I doubt you will feel well or achieve ideal health.
Respecting and giving self love first- is the primary action; in my opinion.

Tools – in creating health

Data, data, data!

If there’s one thing the modern world can’t get enough of, it’s information.

The same is true for the health industry. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of new products to measure everything from your steps to your body fat percentage. While every techy tool may not be necessary for non-Olympians, many of them can be very helpful even for non-athletes.
My favorite tools to have on hand are: Thermometer- Scale- Smart fitness watch.

Today’s smart watches do more than show you a text message at the flick of your wrist. Devices like the latest fitness watch pack several useful monitoring tools into a tiny square attached to your wrist. Your watch may be able to measure your blood oxygen levels, count your steps, estimate your calorie burn, monitor your heart rate and even perform an electrocardiogram. Your watch may not operate with the same accuracy as dedicated tools, but the fact that you can measure all of these metrics instantly throughout the day makes a smart watch an excellent device for keeping up on your self care health.

Trusted Health Professional

Of course having good health on our own is great but without a skilled practitioner we could be in the dark in many aspects with our wellbeing.

I have learned the hard way so many times, by simply not taking personal responsibility with my own health needs first and expecting the Doctor to know more.

It’s really valuable to understand how you feel and communicate confidently when you visit. Please trust me on this, don’t believe everything they say!!

If it doesn’t make sense or you have questions? ASK.. if they are not open to discuss your questions; keep looking for a practitioner that is patient and a good listener !

I am happy to say my Doctor is such a practitioner.

She even responds back to emails of questions on vitamin selections in helping me make a more informed decision for myself. This is ideal.

I‘m interviewing her in a separate podcast next where we will discuss these topics and more, please check it out.

Should you have any questions please direct them to choixdvie@gmail.com
Thank-you for reading .

In closing..

A quote from Gilda Radner

While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die- whether it is our spirit, our creativity, or our glorious uniqueness.

Take good care of you and your loved ones.. 


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