5 tips to get organized in 2023

Looking to get out of your comfort zone and  redesign your life for the new year? 


 Each one of us reaches a point where we get fed up with our current situation.

 During such times, letting go and starting over can be the best thing for us.


When you let go of what didn’t work; what held you back previously- or those fears that seem to control you…

you create room to become a more passionate, engaged, and inspiring individual. 


So how can you start over?


 When creating the life we want; start by clearing out the things that simply aren’t benefiting us.   


If there are habits, relationships, or activities that don’t work for us anymore, perhaps consider exploring other options. 

 Since none of us knows what the future holds, the idea of new beginnings can feel terrifying at times.


 However, if we focus on that which is optimistic and encouraging, starting fresh can be an exciting time. 

You simply need a plan of action…


There are many ways to create your plan of action; perhaps working together with someone can help in the process. 


This is one service I’m happy to assist you with. 


Now, Let’s discuss those :Top 5 tips to get organized at 2023

1. Set Specific Goals

You’d think that it goes without saying but tons of folks set meaningless goals – and then wonder why they don’t feel any sense of joy or accomplishment. 

Bear in mind that the purpose of goal setting is to move us ahead to create a positive change. To begin with, think about what you would like to experience or achieve, then commit to it. Plan the actions you need to take towards achieving that target; then cross each action off the list after you achieve it. 

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Dedicate yourself and focus on achieving the goal you’ve selected. Writing down your goals frequently is a goal-setting tip.

This is the first step in committing to achieving your objectives.


Realizing a goal isn’t an overnight process and that with frequent visits to your list of actions you may redesign and include new actions steps towards the final outcome.

Setting aside time each day to review and plan again towards your desired outcome is best.  


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2. Develop habits and build a routine

Most of us have habits that have dominated our lives throughout the years contributing to behavior which determine our actions without conscious consideration. The question is, are these habits deliberate or simply the consequence of inertia.

Excellent habits are ideal in achieving long term success and they also make us feel great. Bad habits can rob us of our own time, health, joy, energy & money. 

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Take a look at the habits in your life. Are you being negatively affected by them? What needs to change? then choose new habits to  help you reach your goals. 

  • Do you spend hours scrolling through Instagram each day?
  • Do your monthly bank statements have more takeout line items than you care to admit?
  • Could you be focusing your free time towards more productivity?

Building good habits isn’t that easy. In a book by- James Clear’s Atomic Habits,  I liked a quote very much which is:

Imagine the person you want to be. Think of what their daily life, habits, and routines would be. Start showing up to those habits and routines, start building them, step by step, and day by day. You don't become them like magic. You Build them. Start building. Jamie Varons

Creating healthier habits can be fun; challenge one at a time. They can help bring you closer to your desired outcome.

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3. Work Hard

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Invest in a little work. In fact, add plenty of effort when required. As soon as you’ve created the list of actions, create a schedule to focus and make the impossible possible. 

Staying organized isn’t all a cinch. It demands that you simplify and stay focused on priorities ; work smarter with a plan. Keeping in mind your Why, and then visualize how you will feel once you’ve achieved your goal.  

4. Embrace your natural inclinations

When choosing habits, be true to yourself and be realistic.. 

We may think that certain habits have to be adopted to win such as thinking : 

  • “I need to awaken at 5 am daily.”
  • “I should really switch to a plant based diet.”
  • “I am not going to see any more crazy movies or stupid dramas.”

The only issues? You are a night owl who does your very best work at 12 AM, you enjoy a great steak, plus a crazy movie is a way you unwind. 

To arrange your daily life, opt for habits that match your natural inclinations. Be realistic about yourself and adopt what you could possibly include for the long term.

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Listed below are a couple of distinct areas where you can narrow  down into your natural condition:

  • If you dislike ironing, buy only clothing in wrinkle-resistant materials
  • If you hate going to the gym, workout with a friend at home.
  • If you don’t enjoy reading- listen to podcasts or watch documentaries on videos. 

By choosing the path of least resistance you’ll be able to save yourself the experience of dreading what you hate and simply choose what you like- this creates a sense of joy by doing it. 

 It’s always best to focus on what you enjoy with a purpose!

5. Stay Focused

If there’s one thing we can develop more of, it’s the capacity to concentrate. However, remaining focused on a job, particularly one that is challenging is a lot easier said than done. 

The ability to concentrate and focus on a specific task can take repeated efforts, don’t get upset if you get distracted .

Those endless distractions can feel overwhelming .. We all experience them. 

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Some ways to fight the distraction- begin with simple things like:

  • Moving to a quiet location.
  • Turning off notifications on your phone or turning off your phone entirely. 
  • Closing the door to your office.
  • Ask people around you to not disturb you for a specific time.
  • Closing out of programs or apps that aren’t essential to your task. 

This time-consuming method can help train your mind to remain on task for short intervals. So, the next time you’re wrestling with your attention span, try the Pomodoro technique. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Set your timer for 25 minutes and get to work.
  • When the buzzer sounds, take a 5-minute break.
  • Then, set the timer again and get back to work.
  • Once you’ve done four rounds of this, you can take a longer break, approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Learning to focus is like developing muscles; it requires some training that can be fun! 


It’s simple to consider getting organized, but sometimes it is difficult. If we can spend a little time each day and decide what’s important to us; what are those goals or dreams; then reflect on the various actions required of us to achieve it..

 Be honest about what we could do. This is the beginning.  

You may not feel 100 percent focused every minute of the day, but by creating better habits  through a consistent daily routine, you will feel more organized towards  achieving your goals and have a plan of action! 

Apply these 5 ideas to your daily routine and experience a Happier and more fulfilled 2023. In Closing.. 

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” 

By – Thomas A Edison. 

I appreciate you reading or listening in today.. 

Please reach out to me if I can be of any support in your process. 

Together, let’s  make it a year without regrets! 

Blessings to you and your loved ones.. Stay Strong! 

Joyce C Wood, chhc 

(revised from 2021) 


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