Choix d' Vie

Means Lifestyle choices in French.

We have Choices in life...

In this digital age our smart apps are great, however limited in what they can provide.

There’s no discussion- objective feedback with information or with comparing specific products – services we are considering.

Reaching out to the customer service can leave one on hold indefinitely before we can discuss questions.   

With health & wellness you might simply talk with a sales person not someone with knowledge or expertise. Which can be very frustrating. 

This is why I started  – Choixdvie-Lifestyle choices! 

A little about me..

My name is Joyce-

I began my career in Skin care providing holistic treatments for a variety of problematic skin types. 

Continuing  my education in Health coaching- providing an integrative approach into the Day Spa I owned for over 10yrs. 

I’m currently licensed & certified in Esthetics & Health coaching; since 2001.

As time progressed, I wanted to explore new platforms in sharing healthy information to others seeking options in living better. 

I returned to school to study Voice acting to create the podcast- Lifestyle choices-choixdvie. 

This is how it all began..

To assist you with those choices we are all confronted with in Living  healthy & enjoying life to the fullest.. 

Choix d' Vie

Introduces you to the Best health & wellness information-resources & tools to live your Best Life through a joyful process. 
  • We provide the research..
  • We will discuss your questions and respond to your concerns with objective options.  
  • We ensure 3rd party testing has been provided.
  • Many of the companies I refer provide generous incentives in trying their products/services;  Only available through this site. 

As a professional in this area we promise to connect you to the Best in health & wellness.

Schedule your VIP session to receive your specific connections!

Please reach out to me directly, if you have any additional questions.

Thank-you for visiting,

Choix d’ Vie – Lifestyle choices.   

Enjoy the experience in Living Well!

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