About Choix d' Vie

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams..”
~Oprah Winfrey

Choix d' vie means Lifestyle Choices in french


Making Good Choices is Effortless and Fun!

In this digital age our smart apps- devices are limited in what they provide.

Limiting the personalized experience with information & support towards making an informed decision.

We don’t experience an empathic ear when it comes to making a decision or receive knowledgeable unbiased advice on those specific products or services  we are considering. The reviews we check are limited and  unreliable yet, we consider them towards the final decision often times.

The result?  Limited customer service experience; leaving one  dissatisfied, frustrated; subjected to possible  returns- exchanges & valuable time lost… 


What do we Offer?

Choix d’vie  offers a personalized service in assisting you to discover the best tools & resources in living your Best Life  through a joyful process. 

We provide the research – review comparison & analysis to help you experience the Best Choices for you!

A Certified health coach- Licensed esthetician  & Experienced business owner for over 12yrs is providing this service; through reliable and trusted:

education- experience – and connections .. 

YOU will experience the Best!

It’s FREE to Try.. You have nothing to lose except stress!


Please reach out to me directly, if you have any additional questions.

Thank-you for visiting,

Choix d’Vie- Lifestyle choices.   

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