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Thank you for being here, I hope you and your family are well!

Are you looking forward to what’s next?  I sure am!

Although the pandemic is far from over as reported on numerous news channels, according to the Centers for Disease control and prevention, the idea of reopening America is upon us. They have listed several key concepts to minimize and prevent the continual outbreak of Covid19, for those wanting to return to their workplaces. Please refer to for details.

 Today, I would like to share some tips on preparing you for that adventure back to work.


  1. We need confidence to keep living and moving forward. In life there will always be challenges; we can choose to be prepared for or be flexible when the unexpected happens. When the unexpected happens and it will, first, try not to overreact. Simply go with the flow and have a plan. 

 Simply knowing about unexpected challenges is half the plan.. We can always count on the unexpected happening.. Always! 

Just like going on a hike. We first choose the destination then prepare, make a plan. The more prepared we are the better the experience.

  With returning to work, there may be regulations in place to protect our safety; So, simply follow them. However, If you are riding a bus though; perhaps rethink this. Explore ride sharing with co-workers, if possible. You can at least limit your personal space somewhat better than boarding a bus with unknown passengers.

* Keep your masks, hand sanitizers in close range. 

* Keep following the 6’ social distancing; this will be in effect until further notice.

* Wash those hands!

 I want to talk about the Physical action planning to protect you from within. Just like going on that hike; if you haven’t been on a hike before there are lots of things and needs to consider beforehand.  Most importantly are you in shape for it? Especially for an 8 hr day? How’s your mindset, are you happy about returning to work or simply need to get back no matter how you feel? What type of workload will be thrown on you? How do you handle the additional stress? Do you typically drink coffee and then run to work and think about food later after you get to work?

 These are essential areas to consider for keeping your health strong and enjoying your work while avoiding unnecessary exposure to potential harmful bacteria.

 It’s time to rethink your behavior and try something new!

You can shield yourself from exposure to unhealthy elements through creating a healthy immune system plan of action!


 So what can this look like for you?  Each one of us has certain interests and dislikes; And it isn’t one size fits all either plan. I would like to invite you to talk with me; let me help you with designing a custom program that works for you- your lifestyle – interests. & budget.

As a health coach I have been trained to provide options in living the best lifestyle possible. 


Due to this pandemic I am offering this service free of charge for a limited time.. 

You have nothing to lose!

Wishing you and your family the Best in Health & Life… 


Joyce C Wood,chhc

Email some days– times that work best for you:


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