I hope you have enjoyed this amazing hot summer!

This month of August, I took some much needed time to get outside and enjoy some sun-a little gardening and simply unwinding. I was thinking about taking a road trip to visit the Ocean coast.
that thought didn’t last long because I broke a tooth.
Thankfully, it wasn’t painful; but the thought of visiting a dentist was.

There’s several reasons I feel this way; the main one? I’ve been traumatized in the past by going to the dentist and I don’t have insurance.
Good reasons right?

When I was married, my husband had a dental plan that was great for a couple of years,then the coverage changed drastically. If it hadn’t been provided by the company he worked for, it was not worth paying for.

So, this unexpected broken tooth; what will I choose to do?

Here we are at the crossroads of choices.
Due to my  previous experiences, do I pretend it didn’t happen and go about my life?
Just escape reality.. Ignore it.. until it really hurts?
or, do I face it and challenge this?  My choice?
I chose to face it and deal with it of course.. ….Immediately before it would get any worse.

First thing was to research the dental insurance community and find out prices and services.
Well this was disturbing to say the least; what I uncovered was upfront costs; waiting periods;
large deductibles and a treatment limit on how much would be covered per calendar year; which most of them don’t offer much.

I love to research, so I kept digging ; I found something that was different. It was a discount type of service.You pay a small upfront cost- no monthly fees; no deductible, no restrictions on dentists and NO ceiling on the amount of treatments done per calendar year!! 

They also promoted that they would/ could pay up to 60% OFF on certain treatments.
I’m sold at this point- They were offering a 4th of July promotion with 20% OFF to enroll.

Before I enrolled, I tested the offer- I called around and interviewed Dentists; I went into one local dentist to determine the needs of my tooth and to get an estimate.

The exam revealed I needed 2 crowns..The trauma from that previous Dental experience apparently left me with a poorly seated crown that needed to be redone!
This was just 3years ago.

I’m freaked out now..
The cost to do 1 crown could be $1700.00. I’m now faced with needing  2 immediate crowns.

I asked if they gave discounts on doing 2…response- no such deals.
They did however take the discount plan; so, their fees would be 50% OFF!
That would help a lot.

I wasn’t convinced I had found the Best dentist for me yet; I  wasn’t stalling- honest;
I really wanted to find one that supported my healthy interests; so, I kept checking and interviewing. I thoroughly checked reviews and called the offices asking questions like:
How long has the Dentist been practicing; How about dental hygienists; how long have they been with the dentist. What type of crowns do they provide?

Traditional dentistry can be limited in what they provide which means they don’t offer options in materials used; like porcelain crowns. Or, talk about nutrition related to healthy teeth.

A disturbing fact is the Green dentistry clinics are typically double the cost of the traditional ones. There was one I really wanted to see but their initial visit was
so overpriced, it was ridiculous. Apparently ,they offer some type of special x-rays that can detect multiple problems that affect your entire cranial (head ) throat, and mouth.
They also focused on diet and how it affects your teeth. Which I really believe in.

It’s been proven that our gut health directly affects the health of our teeth. When I was a teenager my lifestyle contributed to the problems I’m paying for today..I ate junk- never flossed and hated going to the Dentist due to them calling me out on my behavior!
Little did I know at that time what it would cost me in the future  from this behavior.
This office was so elite that they only accepted cash!  Who has that much cash?

Wow, there must be plenty of people willing to pay for this being they have a thriving practice in Edmonds, Washington.

I decided on an office close to where I live. They were really nice over the phone. They have a large practice and my Dentist is well trained.  She’s health conscience too. She’s into preventative dentistry. Even though… I was so scared going in; but,  I did.
The work I received went fine overall.

The dentist did amazing work on my tooth. After a series of x-rays, it showed I needed a total of 4 crowns! Ka ching… Ka ching…

Did you know that crowns don’t last a lifetime? I didn’t know this… I had several crowns done years ago, and thought I was done. Well surprise- they wear out.. Just like tires on a car.
In my case it feels like I need a  new car.

So, you are now wondering about this dental discount service?
I’m so glad I found them because they are saving me a lot of money overall.

This discount service is through Dental plans  They have several options to choose from.
They can include health care – eye care , if interested. Again, you pay one set up fee for the year and that’s it! No extra costs out of pocket- no deductible-no waiting period- and NO limit per calendar year.  I’m so glad I found them! 
Click on the link or email | Call me for details or Sign up directly @ 1-833-430-0042

If you want to discuss anything else regarding my experience or you need help finding a dentist or checking on options ; Please feel free to reach out – I’m happy to help you.

In conclusion:  

Every challenge we encounter in life is a fork in the road. We have a choice to choose which way to go- backward, forward, freeze or breakthrough!

We can find what we want; it simply takes action and to never give up!
This is the Art of Living Well.

Take good care of you and your loved ones.

Having the Best Health is worth pursuing… We DESERVE THE BEST!!!

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