Can Vitamin D Fight COVID-19

Low vitamin D levels are associated with more severe cases of COVID-19. 

A vitamin D level below 30 ng/ml is considered to be “subclinically low” in the medical community and a level <20 ng/ml is considered definitively low. However, many medical professions, especially amongst the Naturopathic community consider a vitamin D level close to 50 ng/ml to be more ideal, since vitamin D is critical for several aspects of immune function and acts as a hormone impacting our bone health and mood.

Vitamin D enhances cellular immunity in several ways, but possibly most significantly for COVID-19, by reducing the cytokine storm that is induced by the immune system. A cytokine storm in COVID-19 produces significant destructive inflammation results in severe respiratory symptoms and lung damage. Vitamin D reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and increases the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines that the immune system makes.

This study used 212 confirmed COVID-19 cases (causes by SARS-CoV-2) and ranked their symptoms as mild, ordinary, severe, and critical and then measured their blood vitamin D level.
A normal vitamin D level is considered to be >30 ng/ml.

Of all the COVID-19 cases

  • 49 cases as mild, and no diagnosis of pneumonia. Their average vitamin D level was 31 ng/ml.
  • 59 cases were ordinary, presenting with fever, respiratory symptoms and diagnosis of pneumonia. Their average vitamin D level was 27ng/ml.
  • 56 cases were severe, presenting with hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels) and respiratory distress. Their average vitamin D level was 21ng/ml.
  • 48 cases were critical, requiring intensive care for respiratory failure. Their average vitamin D level was 17ng/ml.

While this study measured a very small number of COVID-19 cases, it provides some insight and support for how vitamin D protects our health.



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