Choix d'vie, means Lifestyle choices..

We share self care tools to achieve ideal Health.

Looking to improve yours?

There is NO One thing that will improve YOUR life.

 Do you hop from one pill to the next looking for that transformation you seek?

To optimize your health and achieve that transformation..

You simply need the right information & specific tools.. for your body type.

Imagine having a personalized GPS designed just for you to reach those health goals! 

 When you have the right information personalized for you..
There is NO guessing or Confusion! 

You can focus on the right plan of action designed just for you!

This is what we connect you to!


Why work with us? 

My name is Joyce Wood-also known as the Wellness lady..

(This is the short explanation for more details please ask.) I will share my own personal health journey..

I genuinely live a healthy lifestyle!  

Currently, I’m licensed & certified in esthetics & health coaching in the State of Washington.

Graduated from The Euro-Institute -1990 and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition- 2012.

I began my career in Skin care providing holistic treatments for a variety of problematic skin types in local Pacific NW Spas.

I realized there was so much more to provide so, I created a wellness day spa which I owned for over 10yrs.

We provided an array of nutritional and spa rejuvenating services- Winning numerous awards in service!

 I returned to school to study voice acting- to create the  podcast- Lifestyle choices-choix d’vie. 

I fully enjoy providing information- resources and sharing the best tools in..  Living healthy & enjoying life to the fullest!! 

Intrigued ? Reach out 

Enjoy the experience in Living Well!

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