7 Tips to Empower your life!

Do you feel Empowered after the Holidays?

“The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”  Basic definition. 

Do you live by your decisions or are you negatively  influenced by what other people choose for you? 

During the Holidays many of us are around family that may or may not support our life choices. 

Do you feel empowered or confident around your choices or do you end up defending them?

Are you negatively influenced by what others tell you or are you one to decide for yourself rationally?

 The first and natural response for most of us tends to be reactive- resulting in anger or blame. These are natural emotions. 

The emotion of anger or fear due to- disappointments-  financial worries can keep one feeling unempowered. 

There are solutions to every situation that we are confronted with – multiple choices even over which emotions  control us. 

Here are 7 Tips to Empower your life 

  1. Set a goal and  complete it! Previous post shares some good information on this. 
  2. Challenge the negative thoughts– “becoming the master of our mind; not allowing our mind to master us”, Nichiren Daishonin. 
  3. Take care of yourself! – How generic right? We are each unique; with special needs and interests.. What does this mean to you? What are some areas you could care more about for your well-being?
  4. Connect with others– Do you have close friends you look up to or do they drain you? Do you enjoy connecting to others? 
  5. Get clear on what you want to experience– Previous post shares more thoughts on this. 
  6. Practice Appreciation & Gratitude– Previous posts share more thoughts on this. 
  7. Involve yourself in something you love or enjoy! Do you allow yourself to have play time? Do you have a hobby? Time to discover one. 

Did you know that Anger and grudges are one of the main conditions in creating poor health? According to Dr. Elson M Hass, Staying healthy with the Season

Emotions that are stored within like anger & grudges can negatively affect us- Especially to  the Digestion & Immune system.

These systems need to be strong to support us in staying healthy during difficult seasons or life challenges. 

Browsing through the book “Staying healthy with the Season” he shares multiple TIPS  to stay healthy and avoid getting sick.

 One certain fact-life changes.. even though we do our best to try and stop the aging process.. This is life.

I like the saying  from Bruce lee on focus- “rolling with the punches”- He, Bruce Lee- the fighting champion. He talked a lot about striving to be like water for a similar reason. Don’t let life’s hardships create bitterness -anger or break you down.

 “ If you possess a strong life force and abundant wisdom, it is possible to enjoy the challenge of overcoming life's hardships much in the same way that waves  make surfing exhilarating.”

Some questions for you: 

Have my previous posts/ podcasts been of support or comfort? How have they helped? 

How are you coping? 

I strive to share topics I believe to be of support to all of us in the process of living well. 

 Please let me know your thoughts… Everything I share, I have you in mind.. with hopes you will feel inspired and empowered to live the Best life possible..

If you know of anyone in need of encouragement ..Please share this post or share my contact information. 

We all deserve to live and experience the Best life.

Feeling empowered to explore living is our right of choice!

Blessings to you and your loved ones.. 

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