A Facial for our teeth!

What? Facial for your teeth? 

Our teeth have such an important role to play in our lives.

They help us chew and digest food, they help us to talk and speak clearly and they also give our face its shape. Do you Love your teeth?

A simple smile also has benefits. It can give us greater confidence, as well as influencein our social lives, careers and relationships.

It’s been known that smiling can change how we feel inside…
Feeling negative? try smiling ..there is a connection.

“A smile is not a sign of happiness but the cause of happiness” Daisaku Ikeda

Did you know that oral health and general health have a two-way relationship?

Oral diseases can cause poor general health. And poor general health can lead to oral health problems.

Here is a list of 10 health problems that dental issues have been associated with.

  • Heart disease
  • Joint inflammation-arthritis
  • Unhealthy pregnancies
  • In men- erectile dysfunction
  • Respiratory issues: pneumonia- bronchitis- sinus health.
  • Certain cancers due to inflammation in your body caused by oral bacteria.
  • Fertility issues
  • Brain cells! The bacteria in your mouth aren’t the only danger associated with gum disease. If you have tartar buildup, your mouth also releases substances that kill your brain cells.
  • Combining this with the oral bacteria entering your nerve channels and bloodstream, your risks of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss increase.
  • Kidney diseases-
  • Diabetes complications.

Fortunately, good oral health can contribute to prevention. By engaging in healthy lifestyle actions through: oral hygiene-nutrition-exercise & adequate sleep.

These alone are great to establish however, there are other factors that play a key role in our health that are very challenging and may seem to be out of our control.

A few examples are :

  • income issues- or unsatisfying work.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities.
  • lack of friendships & love..Love can be experienced either in relationships or simply feeling love in living by itself.

        All of these can contribute to stress.

Mismanaged stress is one of the top reasons people lose hope and interest in caring for themselves which in turn results in choosing unhealthy habits and more. We are surrounded by this in our community. These factors are called social determinants in health.

These play a huge role in how we feel about ourselves which directly affects our values & choices in caring for wellbeing overall.

We need to love ourselves no matter what we have experienced in the past or currently going through in the present.

“Those who can smile are strong; people of truth &
integrity are cheerful. Such people can face criticism &
persecution with a dauntless smile”
Daisaku Ikeda

The dentist isn’t entirely responsible for this; it’s up to us and how we care for ourselves at home. Having a healthy routine is the first step.

Do you have a routine?

It took me years until I found one. I learned mine from a dental hygienist. She taught me how to properly floss; what type of brush; how often to brush; along with other tips in caring for my teeth in a comforting manner.

If I would have experienced this as a child I would have avoided all the damage, I’m currently correcting today.

Visiting the Dental Hygienist is like having a facial for your teeth & gums..

The experience is so pleasant from simply laying there; listening to music or watching an overhead TV. I love how my teeth feel and look afterwards.. Sparkling and smooth!

What does a hygienist do?

Dental hygienists show children and adults how to look after their gums and teeth while carrying out procedures which will deeply clean and protect the teeth and gums.

The main priority for a dental hygienist is to save teeth; keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

It’s recommended to visit a hygienist at least twice a year. Even if your oral hygiene is ideal; visiting a hygienist can go deeper and rid your teeth of plaque. Dental plaque is a sticky bacteria that builds up on your teeth which starts forming on your teeth about 4-12 hours after you brush.

Consider plaque to be your mouth’s number one enemy. It accumulates on your teeth and produces acids that attack your tooth’s enamel, causing cavities, and it also causes gum disease which can lead to tooth loss. Hygienists can also remove stains from food and drinks, giving your teeth the pearly white appearance.

The focus is always to prevent future decay. Which no one wants!

Fortunately, when you have your teeth cleaned twice a year, you’re not just taking care of your teeth,but your overall health too.

What’s painless, doesn’t take much time, is good for your overall health, and can save you money? Professional teeth cleaning!
( or a facial for your mouth)

Dental cleanings are paid for by many insurance providers because insurance companies know that good dental hygiene costs them less in overall health costs over time. Many insurance companies pay for up to two dental cleanings and exams per calendar year so, there are no excuses for not going into Experience a Facial for your mouth. aka,(Dental cleaning ) Plus, it’s relaxing!

My question to you- Are you actively aware of the importance of the mouth’s overall health connection? Or are you avoiding it?

If you are avoiding this area of your health due to financial concerns or you don’t have insurance ; there is another option. I found out about a dental discount plan that provides more than most traditional insurance companies. In my last blog, I shared about my own personal experience of needing to find a dentist and to find a reasonable way to pay for the expenses..

Should you have questions just call and ask- 833-430-0042 toll FREE

They are very friendly and will provide you with plenty of options to meet your needs.

“Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.” Rashida Jones

In Closing..

Every challenge we encounter in life is a fork in the road. We have a choice to choose which way to go- backward, freeze or a breakthrough !
We can find what we want; it simply takes action and to never give up!

This is the Art of Living Well..

Thank you for Visiting today
Take good care of you and your loved ones..
Having the Best Health is worth pursuing!

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