Holiday Celebration with Dogs

“A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more than you love yourself”
-Josh Billing

We always mention family & friends gathering to enjoy time and having fun together that I felt the need to remind & celebrate just how important our pets are…

They’re family too!

 The joys of the holidays simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Speaking on behalf of someone that loves and adores them, I’ve had the pleasure to be a mom to 4 fur creatures – Suki- Kisha lee- Bella & Kiya lee

 I also grew up with a dog… named Biki.

 Dogs have always been a part of my life.  

Do you know….
When the first dog was kept as a pet?

I found out that canine domestication may have first occurred 27,000 to 40,000 years ago.

According to genetic studies, modern day domesticated dogs originated in China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Our four-legged companions evolved from feral wolves into our best friends.


Scientists believe wolves were first attracted to human camps to scavenge for leftover food. Over time, some wolves started traveling with humans and a natural bond developed. Women may have been the first to make these wolves a pet, according to Katherine M. Rogers, professor from Brooklyn College, in her book “First Friend.” It takes six to eight generations to domesticate a canine, according to a 40-year experiment that began in the late 1950s by a Russian researcher.

Bella, Kisha, and Me!

There’s even scientific evidence supporting the bond between humans and dogs. When people look into each other’s eyes, we bond emotionally and release a hormone called oxytocin; one of the happy hormones.

 A study led by Nagasawa found that when dogs and people gaze into each other’s eyes, the same hormone is released in both the humans and the dogs.

Its no wonder we can’t live without our precious fur creatures… We get high off hormones!

I would like to Introduce to you my first dog ..

Suki lee, aka the wonder dog…

We called her this because she had amazing strength and tenacity. She would attract a crowd wherever we visited -at the park or beach, due to her love of logs… she would dig endlessly until she could grab the 8’ log and drag it into the water, so proudly… it really was an amazing site to see.

She lived a Happy 12yrs with us.


After severe grieving over her passing, my husband at the time, researched online to find the perfect dog to replace her. It was tough, but we became the proud parents to 8-week-old, goldendoodle -Kisha Lee… the sweetest pooch, she was best known for her gentle spirit; crazy funny sense for life and a kind heart… She loved everyone and especially Bella, the next little girl I adopted online a few months after getting Kisha. Bella, a Yorkipoo- 15weeks. I felt driven to keep looking at puppies online. There was a big hole in my heart after Suki died, that it required 2 puppies to heal it. Bella, she is smart, fierce, and determined to the bone.


The 2 would play endlessly; Bella believed she was the alpha in the relationship as well as in our home. Kisha had always enjoyed good health until 2 weeks prior to her passing. We were advised she had a mass around her spleen. We had the surgery to remove the spleen; she survived, but soon after the surgery, she died peacefully; she was 12yrs old.

The vet informed us that she had cancer in both her liver & the spleen.

It was fortunate for her to have passed on peacefully without suffering.

 Miss Bella,

She was my best buddy and business partner.  She went everywhere with me.

She was considered a “support dog”. I certified both Kisha & Bella a few years ago so, they could travel freely with me.

They go where no dogs were allowed… They were truly special beings.

She passed peacefully at home with me 9-18-2021.

14yrs-8month of age. 


Plato once said…” that a dog has the soul of a philosopher.”

Kiya Lee

Today its my pleasure to Introduce Kiya lee

Kiya came into my life on 3-17-2022, my Dads Birthday ! 10weeks of age.

He is Bella’s spirit in a refreshed healthy male body. 

He too is a certified support dog and lives a great life! 


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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole!”
~Isabel Lemos

This concludes our episode today…

Thank-you for visiting today; Enjoy the video below.

You deserve the best life… You and your pets!

Take Care & Happy Holidays!

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