This is my current update with Bella. 

I recently posted about an emergency with Bella, my 14 yr old yorkie poo.

Last month was spent in and out of Vet offices- Emergency with Bella twice and searching for answers to help with her current diagnosis of Mitral Valve Disease/ Pulmonary Hypertension. 

Such big words and very scary life and death conditions. I really came close to losing her!

Here’s some basic information about this condition: MVD- mitral valve disease is often one of the earliest indicators of heart disease that could lead to heart failure. It’s very common in small dogs. 

This is a very common condition that basically 1 in 10 dogs can develop during their lifetime. 

Studies show that 80% of heart disease is due to mitral valve insufficiency. 

The condition mitral valve disease affects the chambers of the heart. Basically the valve between the left & right sides begins to have problems with the flow of blood. (See above  for more clinical information.) 

It’s been determined to be associated with a heart murmur. If your dog has been diagnosed with a grade 1 murmur or more- 1- 6.  This is something you need to learn more about and take seriously. Bella had been diagnosed with a grade 1 murmur when she was younger, but it didn’t become a problem until last year after all the fires we experienced up and down the west coast leaving toxic air for weeks. Do you remember? 

It’s easy to forget that our pets get affected by poor air too. 

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I learned that many traditional vets don’t recognize holistic preventive care for boosting systems as much as in human medicine. 

I realize they provide some very basic information but No vitamins/herbs are recommended.. 

At least this has been my experience with most of my Vets.

As humans, many of us understand the importance of vitamin support when preventing health issues. As well as, adding more during a health crisis. 

After Bella received a cocktail of pharmaceutical medicines for her heart condition, I found a local pharmacy that offers compounding medicines for a much better price than through the Blue Pearl emergency. That whole story is crazy, I shared more in the previous post. 

I had shared that the cardiologist had ordered her first meds from a pharmacy in New Jersey and how the Vet at Banfield had said they were the only source? Then, at Blue Pearl they didn’t approve of the medicine given by Banfield. They offered their own source, which was very expensive. Talk about conflict; and they are owned by the same company. 

I found out through a lot of research In the puget sound area there are several pharmacy outlets that can offer compound medicines for cardiac needs at a much preferred price over the BP or Banfields. You can order directly and have them delivered to you. 

I’m glad I researched and went to hunt down what Bella needed but,WE shouldn’t have to go through this. This is something the hospital should provide.No one should be left to figure out where they need to find their medicines. 

While looking for the medicines Bella needed locally, I also went searching for an integrative Vet.; someone local that could understand from a holistic point of view- possibly offering complimentary treatments such as: chiropractic- herbal – massage – dietary focus in addition to traditional treatments. And what I found there are a few holistic all natural Vets. Or  traditional,

But No Integrative… Until … My naturopath, Dr Harding told me about hers.. 

Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic in Lynnwood. Not too far from where I live and well worth the experience! I first called and did an interview for a small fee and found that she had been trained by a Vet I knew years ago but lost contact with. He was very well educated in both alternative medicines and traditional veterinary medicine. Dr Cherie Guidry, lead Veterinarian. 

So, happy I found her. I was literally searching all over the US, considering doing telemedicine consultations and settling with traditional care only. 

I decided on taking Bella in even though due to the pandemic humans aren’t allowed to accompany their pets yet. 

The reception from the Vet techs was so nice and caring. The office is nice and supportive. Good parking too. 

The Vet called me to discuss Bella right away; very little wait period. We discussed an overview of her condition and she recommended a vitamin to help strengthen her heart!! YES!!

Just what I have been looking for. A vet that GETS IT!!!   She also gave me confidence in the current medication that Blue pearl recommended and mentioned that Vitamin support would add to the improvements too. She was so sensitive to Bella and not wanting to overwhelm her system and believes in the gradual approach; which I agree as well. 

What a relief it is  to finally find a vet with a well rounded understanding and compassion towards animals. I was able to discuss openly with my concerns ; asking questions and really getting answers to what I had been seeking. 

It’s great to learn online through google search and other places but it’s even better when you can work with a licensed health professional that has a broad range of knowledge. 

Another awesome point the cost! She was very affordable under $100.00 to have Bella checked out.. This was by far my least expensive Vet bill in a long time. 

Here is some basic information from their clinic in case you want to visit or do telemedicine consultation.

Helping Hands Veterinary Hospital Is a full-service veterinary hospital that blends traditional and holistic medicine to provide comprehensive pet healthcare services located in Lynnwood, WA . We offer a fear-free approach and are proud to be AAHA accredited ..more on site. 

I have invited Dr. Guidry on to the podcast to discuss more on integrative health care  for our beloved pets. Stay Tune! 

In closing

Every challenge we encounter in life is a fork in the road. We have a choice to choose which way to go- backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough! 

 We can find what we want; it simply takes action and to never give up! 

This is the Art of Living Well. 

You and your loved ones deserve to live your best life! 

Thank-you for visiting!

Take good care of you and your loved ones..

Having the Best Health is worth pursuing! Which We DESERVE THE BEST!!!

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