NEWS and Updates! 2023

We have made some fun changes! 

Written and submitted by – Joyce C Wood,chhc

Happy March-

End of the first quarter of 2023 and  Pre-spring season!

I love this time of year in so many ways- Seeing the cherry trees and flowers blooming- the sounds of birds chirping ; seeing and hearing these on my daily walks with a my New pup- Kiya.

Such a magical time of year! 

How are your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals Going?

For me, I tend to work on these:

Daily- weekly- monthly- quarterly and of course towards the last quarter- year end.

Using my tools 4 wisdom organizer has helped me with this. 
I received my new puppy Kiya last year this time; he was only 10weeks old. 

It had been years since I had a puppy and boy has he kept me busy. 

During this time, I also reflected on how this service – Choixdvie- Lifestyle choices could develop into a valuable service for you to benefit from. 

I want everyone who visits this site to receive inspiration toward  improving their lives.. uniquely.. for them to experience The Joy in Living Well. 

There is no one size fits all ; thus, promoting only one company or product may not be of value to everyone. 

The Newest improvements will address this area.

I want to introduce the Best tools and Resources to you that will assist you in  achieving the healthiest lifestyle possible.

While receiving preferred pricing provided only to VIP guests of choixdvie. 

The improvements  are: 

  • A scheduler to provide you some private time to discuss your goals and needs with me- your health coach.  
  • This service is now considered a VIP service. Which includes: personalized attention- discounts to a wide variety of companies and services unique to your interests. 
  • The VIP service is FREE and you will be provided with fully researched ; tested referrals to the Best companies providing services in reaching your healthy lifestyle goals!

I invite you to join the VIP membership and receive personalized recommendations with preferred pricing ONLY available for VIP subscribers. 


Thank-you for being here; I look forward in your email responses. 

Joyce Wood, chhc & Kiya, 13 months. 

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