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These last few weeks have been high drama for me which prevented me from bringing interesting information to you here on the Blog/ podcast. Please understand ... Here's my story on what has recently occurred.

My 14yrs old yorkiepoo Bella developed some health issues after last summer’s state fires. 

Do you recall?

The entire west coast was on fire creating hazardous weather conditions for weeks. There were so many fires; Australia too was experiencing the worst of the worst. Blame it on global warming or simple negligence; either way it brought devastation to many of us. 

Especially with Bella; when she was a pup, I was told she had a heart murmur of a grade 1 and not to be too concerned until she exhibited coughing .. That comment came from a Vet.  

I have spent several  hours researching healthy nutrition, herbal support and vitamins to help her system be strong.. Everything seemed to help although she developed  a persistent cough after the fires last summer from all the smoke in the air.  One of her Vets recommended a lung xray to determine the underlying influence. I had to take her to another Vet to perform this which was so scary for me and costly! 

I don’t have dog insurance. 

I have also experienced the loss of 2 beloved pets from cancer at the age of 12yrs old. So coming face to face with the possibility that this could be Bellas condition was beyond my worst fears.. 

Bella is such a joy to me; we are deeply bonded and go everywhere together. She is my loving support dog in every aspect!

Upon the review of her xray it revealed her sweet little heart was deeply enlarged. There were  non specific reasons for this. Although her heart murmur was now growing to a  3-4 grade. The worst damage that could take her life would be grade 6. 

The Vet recommended an echocardiogram to determine the specific reasons. 

The cost for this is huge.. Over $500.00. I proceeded to seek out Vets that provided this service. After finding one and going through with the procedure.  I received the report; and overall, I was told it wasn’t the worst case scenario but, certainly a major concern. She was diagnosed with Mitral Valve disease– common with small dogs at her age. In addition, moderate pulmonary hypertension with a possible lung illness; bronchitis or something else that required MORE x rays &  tests to determine it specifically. 

The cardiologist recommended medication which I agreed to put her on. I am very organic in everything I believe in but, when it comes to the heart and my sweet pup… I will follow the Vets recommendations…

We had to wait a week for this medication to arrive; meanwhile, I tried herbs, chiropractic and lots of healthy food to stabilize her as much as possible..

After the medication arrived I gave it to her ASAP… that night she had coughed more than usual leading her into a growing agitated state. 

It was obvious the medication had an adverse reaction. She appeared to calm down and slept a little but, in the morning she became more agitated which I responded immediately by taking her into Emergency at BluePearl hospital…

 I was beyond scared as to what was happening to her… 

Would she even survive?

I later received a phone call from the attending ER vet; he said her condition was so severe her heart was now at a grade 5 and extremely enlarged and in heart failure.  I mentioned the medication and after several times urging them NOT to administer anything like that  they agreed. They also let me bring in her food and they wanted to see her vitamins I had been giving her. They seemed surprised that I gave her vitamines.. The Vet also was surprised that Belle gobbled up her food in her condition. 

He mentioned that dogs in that severe state are not interested in eating due to the fact that they are usually gasping to breathe..  

So what is Ear Lavage ?

Not my Bella…overall she is extremely healthy due to eating well and  getting the best in nutritional support. 

Their original assessment suggested she would need to be in for a few days.. But she responded so well that she got to come home 2 days later. Her heart was now back at the grade 3 stage. Which is also pretty amazing going from a grade 5 stage to a grade 3 in just 2 days. 

Much to my surprise… I received money back from their original assessment of fees..which by the way, you have to pay up front for care.. At BluePearl Hospital. 

My sweet girl was Alive and sent home with new medication.

 I found out at Blue Pearl,  the original medication that was given to her by the other cardiologist  was an unstable formula.. which cost me $200. ending up in the trash.  I attempted to get my money back from that cardiologist, which ended up on deaf ears.. They claimed no negligence. So, of course I have left that Vet and received a better recommendation from Blue Pearl. I feel so fortunate and relieved  that Bella survived such an ordeal; especially since she’s 14yrs old!

Purpose of ear irrigation

This situation could have easily taken her sweet little life.  I feel that between my faith and all the excellent health care she has been given for years-  through nutrition- vitamins – herbs; that her overall health is strong… Strong to face an unexpected health crisis..

Another thing I have learned is how sad our health care truly is for both humans and animals!! Just the medications alone are too expensive. One of them from BluePearl was $70.00 for a week’s worth of heart support. They don’t give out information on where to find reasonably priced medications. It can be quite the ordeal just to locate affordable medicines. 

I have searched for an integrative Vet to help with ensuring Bella is taking the Best vitamins for her health which won’t  conflict with her medicines. It’s rare to find a reliable integrative Vet.. 

I have found good information online but not a practicing Integrative Vet yet… If you are reading this and you know of any reliable Integrative holistic Vets-  Pease Share! 

The basic fundamentals in health are important..  Ask me for details; I’ve shared some on the podcast too. 

Please share this with those you care about. 

Bye for now..


In closing..

“Confronting illness can be an opportunity to awaken to the profundity of life. A person who has faced a major illness knows how to deeply savor life. Real health is the will to overcome every form of adversity and use even the worst of circumstances as a springboard for new growth and development. Simply put, the essence of health is the constant renewal and rejuvenation of life."

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