Tis’ the beginning of the shopping season

A little history of Black Friday…

(revised post- 11-27-2022)

Did you know, Black Friday dates back to 1869? And it had nothing to do with Christmas shopping. It was the day plummeting gold prices caused a market crash; the effects were felt by the U.S. economy for years.

The first mentions of Black Friday, as we know it, occurred around the 1950s or ’60s in Philadelphia.

Black Friday, IMO, represents the dark side of American consumerism. Over the years, frenzied crowds, competing for discounted merchandise; those one day only deals– Getting up extra early have resulted in traffic jams; overcrowded parking lots; violence, injuries & leading to deaths in some cases.

Oh, what a happy day.

Traveling may not be an option for you; But, shopping online can provide you the taste of the culture- while providing support to our artist community!

The bonus is they are always OPEN for business anytime of day or night. 

Time to try something different… Shop with a purpose!

Experience something more joyful!

This year explore buying those one day deals online while supporting our favorite retailers!  And receive so much more in return…

..The businesses in need of support are typically Local – family owned- or private individuals.

 These businesses,  usually don’t resort to cheap advertising tactics- through flashing banner ads or in endless junk mail..

..Just like treasures, they are hidden.

I found them and want to share with you.. 

A few quotes on purpose

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.”

By Winston S Churchill.

“ The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion.”

 By Terry Orlick

I love traveling and If I could travel now, I would visit Hawaii for sure!

I love Hawaii.. I love the Ocean; I love the people…

I especially love those farmers markets found all over the islands.

 I have visited many times and lived there as well.

 So today, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you..

They are a local Hawaiian community offering .. one of a kind; unique treasures…

Here’s some details.

Wai’anae is the name of the area located on the west side of Oahu – Hawaii.

“Wai” meaning water and “anae” meaning mullet ( fish)

 Wai’anae is a community abundant in culture, history, and authentic native hawaiian resources. They have preserved the most beautiful coastlines & mountains which are unlike like any other part of the island.

Some History:

Made on the Wai’anae coast marketplace is a project of Wai’anae Economic Development council- WEDC, an emerging community development financial institution, has been actively engaged with the community since 2014, developing ways and means to increase community improvement through direct communication, community partnership development and effective collaboration.

They work closely with community organizations, local business owners, and concerned residents to continue to educate Hawaiian culture; assist with & develop projects that benefit the community through economic growth.

They support local entrepreneurs to market their products in and outside of the community through a variety of events. 

Their online marketplace is the first virtual community store, created in Wai’anae..

..featuring local artisans sharing the Aloha spirit!

 I’m ready to visit  are you?

Their Mission:

Increase opportunities for Wai’anae coast residents by developing the communities rich natural, cultural, and human resources.

Each month they create a Theme by sharing stories- cultural education, history of the people in this area with videos, blogs & offering special pricing on most gifts.

Their current month’s theme-

November- Ocean Sports, there is plenty to do in Hawaii

December – Holiday Traditions – Open community market.  

If you love Hawaii as much as I do and want to find unique handmade items-

Found only by visiting the island?  Now you can.. its GREAT!

Local artists creations found in Waianae..

Cute hats- home décor- gorgeous jewelry- gifts for kids- natural beauty products and specialty one of a kind items.. 

Just like visiting the Farmers market but online! 


This holiday visit Hawaii – Shop local! 

By exploring  all the wonderful artists online.

 I encourage you to visit their Open, 24-7 online market store.

*Shop with a purpose this year and explore

Hawaii online .. experience the Joy of Aloha… 

The choice is up to you… Enjoy! 

Closing quote

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better. “

By Robert F Kennedy.

In closing, we always have a choice in what we do… 

Make it count; choose to live The Best ..No Matter What!

This Season…

Shop with a Purpose!

and receive so much more in return..

Thank-you for reading and Enjoy !


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