Spring is time to refresh!

 New beginnings are on the way, it’s time to welcome them!

Thank-you for being here. I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s Day!

 Love makes life worth living… So celebrate often! 

One form of Love is self love. I hope you love yourself as much as you love whoever is in your life. Taking the best care of oneself is most important and it  inspires others to do the same. 

Springtime is the Best time to start something fresh.. In addition to house cleaning and clearing out the garage, it’s time to reflect on how we can each refresh ourselves from within.

 Are there unresolved issues in your life that are causing you to complain yet, ignore perhaps? 

Many people choose  to start a diet to lose weight or start working out to look great in those new spring clothes for this new season. 

This is great, how many times do you find yourself at this same starting place?

Questions for you: 

  • Is it difficult to follow a diet?
  • How about exercising?
  • Do you enjoy it? 

I have found more people who shift from Diets to Lifestyle programs feel Happier & create  better results. 

I mean sure;  there are times when you slip up and need to shake off and get back on the path of health but, when it’s  focused around a fun routine- we usually look forward to it rather than dread going on a diet.. Right? 

Limiting ourselves of our favorite foods .. ya know what I mean?

I would be interested in hearing your story. 

I have a story for you… it’s from a friend who started a lifestyle program that changed her life literally… In addition, she lost weight, enriching her appearance and rejuvenated her energy!

Her name is Cheri, she is a hair designer. I met her while searching for a hair designer that used natural products. She introduced me to her eco-friendly salon equipped with all organic products, a water purifying shampoo bowl, air purifying throughout the entire salon plus, it  was built with all eco-friendly green building materials too!

I have never encountered anything like this before. This intrigued me so much I asked her why she started this. 

She had mentioned  being a hair designer for over 16yrs and she just recently converted to this eco-friendly salon – known as Chadwicks Chemical Free salon. It was located in Mountlake terrace at the time. 

About 10yrs into her business as a hair designer , she was experiencing health challenges from continuous colds; flues, aching joints; excess weight gain; loss of hair and depression. She was in her 40s and felt at first it was due to aging. She wasn’t too concerned until these ailments became more of a normal way of life each day. She relied on medications to simply function while still feeling crappy.

She kept going to the Doctors and asking why she simply couldn’t get healthier and stay healthy! 

The response was usually the same; “This is normal plus, you are getting older and your immune system is naturally getting weaker. “It’s something we can manage though” replied most of her Doctors. 

Cheri wasn’t satisfied with that vague response hearing it over and over. Her energy was always low and getting worse. She was a single mother and relied on her job to survive. She had to find answers as to WHY?

She went out exploring..leading her to visit medical libraries reading through endless journals and papers on various symptoms and reasons behind them. 

She discovered that toxins in our environment have a  devastating effect on our immune health, especially prolonged influence from them.. She realized that in her job, she used many chemicals from: perm solutions, hair dyes and chemicals in the shampoos; not to forget cleaning products too. 

At this time there weren’t any other options for hair designers that were available or affordable to use. She felt hopeless in being able to survive and thrive. 

She proceeded to seek out  Doctors that believed in Environmental medicine. 

She came across a wonderful Dr. that provided services to hundreds of patients that were critically injured from chemical influences. Many of these people were unable to function .

Cheri was lucky to find him in time to reclaim her health. 

What he taught her was how toxins can weaken the immune system and in her case, hers was worn out.  She needed to detoxify and rebuild her health .

He also connected her to other industries that offered options in using healthier materials such as professional water purifiers and air filters for her business.

Her boyfriend was in the building business as a brick layer and he recreated a salon utilizing toxic free building materials. ( I am sharing more on this topic later) 

Anyway the main point is; Through a guided detox program; focused around eliminating the internal stored toxins & introducing her to a healthier lifestyle to rebuild her immune  system-

She regained her health and re-created her business!

From poison to medicine! 

 It was  a huge Victory for her. 

 This was really unheard of in those days. Her new clients were all of the patients from her Doctors office that simply couldn’t tolerate going into most traditional salons. 

Cheri became well known as the first Green – Eco Friendly salon in the Puget Sound Area. 

Chadwicks Chemical Free salon.

She would search globally for non toxic hair and skin care products for her clients, due to the lack of availability in the United states at that time. 

Visiting her salon, experiencing the fresh scent in the air rather, than a toxic perm smell was a great experience visiting her and getting services done. 

She started providing information to architects and engineering students at the UW while being invited to share her story on TV .I was an Esthetician at the time and together we were invited to share our professional experiences. We had fun sharing.

In time, the  traditional hair industry has included organic products; which has become very trendy!

My friend Cheri is a true pioneer in the Organic hair industry. I haven’t been able to connect with her; I would like to invite her on the podcast to share more. 

I hope this experience inspires you to look within to discover some new ideas on health care for yourself. This next post I’m introducing a healthy service that provides guided detox programs in the Seattle area.. Stay tuned !

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Closing quote-

Take care of your body, It's the only place you have to Live

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