Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Introducing The 5 Elements/ Part 1

Happy Fall!

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The 5 Elements What? Ok, sounds mysterious, but it’s not.

The 5 Elements, also known as the 5 constituents of all things in the universe.

Are:  Fire- Earth-Metal, or Air-Water- Wood

Originating from a Chinese theory which has both a deep philosophical background and practice in health care, which is now embraced throughout the world.

In Ayurveda medicine, which is practiced in both eastern and western cultures, believes

that everything in the universe is made up of these 5 elements.

These 5 elements can be considered as subtle matter states or energy as matter and energy are interconnected states on the continuum of existence.

This theory is very deep and to keep things in focus on WHY is this important to share and HOW does this knowledge add value to your life & health in staying healthy with the Seasons?

 I will share an overview for now and in future posts I will unfold more information.

The 5 elements, according to Chinese Legend, arrived from the different compass directions accompanied by the climatic factors, and continue to create the world and the human body.

In Healing ourselves, Naboru Muramoto states: “The east creates the wind: wind creates wood, the forces of spring create wind in heaven and wood upon the Earth. They create the liver organ and the muscles within the body…and the eyes, and the green color, and the sour flavor… the emotion anger, and the ability to make a shouting sound.”

Illness is classified as either yang- hot, in excess, and near the surface; or yin- cold, deficient and deep. The causes of illness are external and internal, termed the “devils,” or “harms.”  External causes mainly include the climates, which, when extreme, penetrate a weak organism and injure a specific organ.  The “perverse” climates which can cause illness are: Wind, Heat; Humidity (dampness), Dryness, and Cold.

External factors also include bacteria and other infectious agents, poisons and pollution, and traumatic injuries.  The internal causes or illness are emotions like excess joy or sadness, anger, depression, obsessiveness, worry, grief and fear. Cold and damp can injure the lungs; Hot and dry effects the heart; Emotionally suppressed anger can injure the liver. Each organ has a specific climate and emotion which can weaken it and leave it most vulnerable.

 The metal element:

This represents the minerals and salts of the earth. These function to create structure and communication. Both air and metal energies are expressed in the inner workings and activities of the mind. Mental well-being involves, a positive self-image and being happy. You can accomplish this by taking responsibility for your happiness, by caring for yourself and others. Focus on what gives you inward satisfaction for you and the environment.

If you have certain habits or addictions which you wish to clear out of your life, changing other aspects of your life, such as your diet- exercise, even attitudes, can be extremely helpful. Often the added willpower and strength that comes from beginning new patterns effects positively on those old habits. 

This element also rules the large intestine and lungs.  The balance of both from breathing and eating cleaner is crucial for a healthier system during this season.

Tips to Create Health & Happiness during Autumn:

* Get outside and breathe fresh air…

* Time to focus more on a clean green dietary program.

* Refresh your surroundings and declutter; keep it clean.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is not a one size fits all …

Let’s connect directly;
I will gladly provide ideas/ details designed just for you.

“let go of the old world and the new one will grow around like a new skin”
by Paul Williams.

Each season is represented by one of the 5 elements and the systems. There is a relationship between yourself and the environment by learning about these elements utilizing the energy in each season can help propel us forward creating a stronger and healthier life.

Example– When flying a kite, one needs a strong wind to fly high into the sky…

Thank-you for reading and listening in … More information to follow up.

Blessings to you and your families.

Joyce, your host.

Healthy immune Building Tonic Recipes:


 The awakened self-foundation-

Staying Healthy with the Seasons- Dr Elson M Haas. MD

 In Healing ourselves, Naboru Muramoto


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