Time to Detox!

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“ Life does not happen to us it happens from us.”

I’m excited to share more from last week’s topic, on Spring & Time to Refresh

 To be honest, this is one of my favorite topics…Renewal.. 

Detoxing or cleansing, is more than drinking disgusting teas and living in the bathroom for days on end. 

Detoxing includes a review of our life and taking inventory of what’s working and what’s holding us back, then clearing out the garbage that’s weighing us down from… 

living the best life possible!

You can detox  from a spiritual – emotional  or physical perspective..

 Wherever you start it will affect everything else within you.

What does Living the Best Life look like?

To me- It’s a simple dream that you have longed for perhaps since a child that lives in your heart. …It motivates us to get up everyday; to challenge the difficulties… everyone faces. 

Roadblocks along the way in life can interfere with reaching and experiencing this dream!

To become strong requires we rid our lives of the garbage| toxins, that limit our capabilities. 

Starting first with our mind..

 And then learning the art of elimination safely within your body.

Questions for you: 

  • Do you own a car?

  • Do you service your car regularly?
  • Have you noticed when you skip an oil change how your car functions? 
  • or even more simply .. choosing the cheaper gas vrs the higher quality.. How does your car run? 

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If we don’t take care of our car we experience more problems which could eventually cause damage to the engine creating a huge expense to fix!

This is just part of our responsibility of owning a car. 

We can’t go far with a broken down car!

I have found over the years that my body is very similar to a car. What I feed it; how I care for it; who I bring into my life and how they treat me; who I expose myself to …all of this affects how we feel and if we are reaching the destination of our dreams.. 

Think about all the efforts you make to care for your car?

Do you do the same for yourself? 

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This story I’m going to share- is amazing!

One day when I was doing skin care at my wellness spa, a client shared her recent experience visiting a very expensive health retreat with her grandmother. 

She invited her grandmother to go due to her love for her and wishes that she could experience a healthier life by going through this program.

 Her grandmother, in her 70s, had stomach issues from as far back as childhood.

She relied on several medications just to keep food down and to avoid indigestion; which was constant! She had acid reflux.

She also had constipation issues requiring additional medications as well.

 She overall, didn’t feel energetic or happy. 

Now, some doctors might say this is just part of aging and suggest that as long as it’s managed you will be fine. Unless you experience more complications. Then you simply return to the doctor’s office. 

At this luxury detox retreat, there were specialized Doctors in detoxification; nutritionists, massage therapy, colon therapy and counseling. . They held classes focused on personal wellness; nutrition, different forms of detoxification through mind and body exercises and a guided detox cleanse for those wanting to experience it  personally. 

This was a 2 week program so both my client and her grandmother decided to go for the entire retreat.  

During this intensive program the Doctors did thorough evaluations of their health and discussed their conditions that brought them to the retreat. 

The program itself was personalized  for each guest; It was  not a one size fits all approach. 

The grandmother had more direct care due to her health issues. The doctor mentioned that if she eliminated anything ODD to fish it out of the toilet and bring it into class the following day. 

Well, this made her grandmother feel a bit queasy as you can imagine but ,she agreed to follow the directions.

One day after following the detox cleanse, she did eliminate something odd.. She brought it to the class. The doctor analyzed it and questioned her about her dietary habits in life; which she mentioned her weird eating issues as a child-

she used to eat crayons ! “

The doctor was puzzled and mentioned that under the scope the mass she brought in was multicolored in weird twisted ropes. He believed it to have been possibly stored in her intestinal walls for years!!   This was an amazing discovery that was made after all those years!! 

She finished the detox cleanse program and returned home with her stomach feeling better than ever.. Her constipation was gone; her indigestion was gone… she felt more energy and felt happier too! 

This is just one of many detox stories I have heard of.. I could share all night.. 

One important point is- if you are interested in exploring a physical detox cleanse, you really need to be careful. One time, I did one and felt confident enough to do this on my own; without  

fully understanding my current health condition. I didn’t check in with a doctor first, because I felt fine. .

Within  a few days of the cleanse, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and passed out… right on the floor… My husband rescued me of course; he proceeded to yell at me for doing such an intensive program unsupervised.

 It’s really easy to have your blood chemistry change drastically during a cleanse, so it’s wise to go through a guided one at first. So you can achieve the best results. 

You don’t have to visit an expensive fancy retreat like my clients did; There are several health professionals that offer affordable programs in most cities now. It’s a matter of finding the right one..

I can help you choose the best one for you just ask!


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Closing quote-

“The essence of health is the constant renewal and rejuvenation of life”

This renewal takes responsibility … Don’t forget to take the best care of yourself! 

You deserve it!  

Thank-you for visiting today. 


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