Thoughts & Tools to Improve Ones Mindset

In continuing with the Autumn element,
Metal also known as Air..

During difficult times do you ever experience information overload or confusion? 

Where is our mind or our emotions then? We know they are there yet, we don’t see them; right?

Like air.. It’s there, invisible to the eye, and necessary for life.. 

Do you feel in control of your mind especially during difficult times? 

Many times it’s difficult to express the pains we experience mentally or emotionally. 

Which can leave us feeling stressed and unable to function well. In this state, if ignored, can negatively influence our overall health and joys in life. 

There are many ideas and thoughts around this topic, which can leave one confused and unsure with how to respond at times. Some resort to giving into the confusion; choosing unhealthy habits which can lead to self destruction.

To create a strong mindset is ideal …
it's how to get there, is the question.

One of my favorite quotes that inspires me on this topic. 

 “Become the master of your mind- rather than your mind master you”. 

 By Nichiren Daishonin

 Simple yet profound. 

I have personally experienced many challenging times and have discovered that the quality of food influences my mental state; the quality of air I’m exposed to; engaging in exercise or not; creating friendships and focusing on a spiritual practice.

 In previous posts I’ve shared  elements and actions in becoming strong. It’s not just one thing that makes a difference it’s a combination of actions together. Being balanced is the Key. 

In Staying healthy with the Seasons, Dr Elson M Haas, MD, Suggests the relationship of the metal element and the mind. He speaks highly about the benefits of meditation:

 He quotes

“Our mind has many dimensions with its ability to expand its attention; to focus, limit, contain, and even close off that attention. Our mind is our body’s transmitter and receiver.  What is happening in our mind affects how we feel emotionally and physically.”

Ancient wisdom tells us, “ As above, so below,” and thus, what we are experiencing in our mind influences our physical body, and vice versa, as our body state affects the workings of our mind.

He further points out to the breathing, often focused on with meditation, how this directly affects the lungs and that the elimination function of the large intestine. How breathing noxious gases reflects in the colon such as with constipation or other diseases ; They both directly affect our mental capacities; likewise, our mental state can be reflected in the health of our bowels and the ease of our breathing.  

Interesting isn't this? I find it fascinating.

I personally practice a form of meditation that respects the 5 element concept and provides the tools to win in all aspects in my life..

 A quote by my mentor, Daisaku Ikeda,

 “ Absolute happiness is attained by developing a state of life characterized by a powerful life force and rich wisdom that enables us to overcome any kind of suffering and adversity- a state of being in which living itself is a joy… A fundamental goal for all”.. 

I’m happy to share more, simply ask. 

Here are 5 tools to refresh your mind and spirit..

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1.Start a meditation practice. I can share mine at NO cost to you. 

   contact me directly for more information. 

  1. Listening to soothing sounds. I have discovered these Amazing Crystal Bowls, by Topfund, Endless rich sounds, that focus on all the chakras and they are a beautiful addition to have in your home to remind you of the importance of these 5 elements.. 
  2.  Natural relaxing scents through the use of essential oils in diffusers; Lux blue marble

 or Ultimate care set with essential oils.  by Daily pure care 

 Enjoy taking long walks along a quiet beach; a hike in the woods; or a simple walk with your dog or not. Get out there and breathe.. 

  1. Daily gratitude journaling to reflect on all the good things in your life.

Check out Passion planner 

  1. Start an art project; try something new or return to your favorite one. 

There are plenty of actions we can choose from; these are simply a few basic ones that can 

Refresh one’s mindset to a more joyful place.  

In closing, choosing a strong mindset includes the 5 elements of Wood- Fire, Earth, Metal and Water; each individual is a blend of these five elements.

 To be truly healthy, we need to strive for a balance of all 5. A spiritual practice of meditation can help harmonize these by providing wisdom and awareness. 

Have you checked out the books I recommended about the 5 elements yet? If not, consider this soon. You can learn more about specific points in each element with relationship to your life.


Next week, I have a  special guest, My Doctor, Dr. Lindsey Harding, ND…

“She will be providing some exciting information; including a road map to success in health.…”

For more information contact me directly. 

Until then. 

Please take good care, Blessing in life to you and your family, 

This is your host,

Joyce Wood..  signing out.. 


Bye for now.. 


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