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4-9-2020 – Read time 5min.
Written by Joyce C Wood, chhc 

Thank you for being here.

I really appreciate you taking your time to read or listen in. 

Today I want to share a little more from where I left off from the previous post,

“Let’s Choose to Become Strong- But How?”

I shared 5 points that have a special value to me on becoming strong they are:

1.Strong Spirit  

2.Strong Mindset

3.Physical Health 

4. Live with a Purpose


I left out one that is very important, which plays a vital role in influencing the outcome of those 5 points. It’s having a  Mentor- Guide – Coach. This role is most valuable. To meet one that inspires us to advance is most fortunate. 

I think back during confusing times in my life reflecting on what really helped me through  so many challenges and dark times. 

 It was people; not a book, product or class per se. It was through people who I met that influenced or introduced me to a different perspective for my life. 

How we connect with others is vital. Without each other, we simply wouldn’t grow. Not to mention how difficult it would be to sort through all the decisions.

People are the greatest treasure in life. I’m reminded just how much I value them especially during this pandemic with social distancing; Being unable to gather together; To share coffee chats or Simple fun activities; not to mention traveling. 

OK, I’m going to stop here or I will end up creating a depressing post. 

The point is People, the roles we play for each other and how meaningful they are. No matter what we may think, we do make a difference in someone else’s life; it can awaken a sense of purpose to live for something greater than just ourselves. 

To live for a purpose is such a great feeling; it drives us through the darkest of times.  To be strong requires reasons & efforts. 

 There was a time I felt extremely sad and seriously wanted to end my life. I contacted a good friend who was a mentor to me; He listened to my cries patiently then proceeded to pour his entire life into inspiring me to challenge myself due to my mission in life; he had so much confidence in my mission in life... That he infused that belief into me… He spoke to me for hours that day .. I didn’t know what this mission was, only that he felt I had one worth living for. 

That day my life took a different turn. I decided to challenge the darkness and become the master of my life rather than my darkness mastering me. He encouraged me deeply that day. My life began to experience hope for the first time. This is just one example of how we influence others. 

From that day forward, I proceeded to seek out by owning my life with determination to live for this mission.

Soon after that day I returned to school to explore a life rich with purpose. I discovered some personality issues that were interfering with my progress. Check out Personality Hackers- click for information. Discovering yourself this way helps uncover many things affecting our lives. For me especially, in career paths. It was important that they aligned with genuine interests and values which led me to discover this mission I had.   

I decided to take better care of my health; which at the time I sabotaged through abusive habits. This took quite a while to overcome but, due to a renewed reason for living, I kept at it and finally overcame the darkness that kept influencing me. The mind can destroy or create depending on our overall condition of life.

     “ The heart is what is important. There is nothing more vulnerable,

       nothing more corruptible than the human mind;

       nor is there anything as powerful, steadfast and ennobling.”

     Dr. Daisaku Ikeda.

I currently feed both my mind and my body with nourishment if I don’t the darkness takes over.  My reasons to live keep me focused to take better care. 

I love Purium Organic SuperFood – click here

Purium provides deep nourishment for both my mind & body.

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I also love listening to audiobooks and podcasts to reinforce my capabilities. 

One of my favorites is by Les Brown.. FREE upload.   Click here

 What we expose ourselves to daily is important in becoming strong. 

I want to share the importance of Appreciation and Gratitude today to my friends who have inspired me. It was due to their faith in me that I could choose to live with passion and a sense of purpose each day. 

In life there will always be challenges; this is living; how we choose to respond is within us.  The Strong Survive due to being Strong! 

As Les Brown says often “ There is greatness within each of us” 

I would like to invite you to train yourself daily through these 6 points. (*_*) Please take care of yourselves and appreciate your life  and don’t give up!

I’m here for you as a coach should you like some support simply Ask.

 Blessings in Life- Choose to be Happy! 

Joyce C Wood, chhc-


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