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Live your Best Life!

There are so many choices in being healthy and living well.

Finding solutions for your specific issue can really be an overwhelming challenge at times.

Looking for options? 

Choixdvie-Lifestyle choices focuses on providing a variety of options in living well through-

 InformationResources & Tools  bringing value in living your Best Life!

We strive to offer objectivity- quality and result oriented products & services you can trust!

We provide Excellent customer support that you can refer to with questions!

Receive specific information unique  to your situation.

My reason for creating
Choix d Vie- Lifestyle choices. 

Intrigued? Reach out!
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A little about me – My name is Joyce-also known as the Wellness lady

I began my career in Skin care providing holistic treatments for a variety of problematic skin types.

Continuing my education in Health coaching- providing an Integrative approach into the Day Spa I owned for over 10yrs. 

I’m currently licensed & certified in Esthetics & Health coaching in the State of Washington, since 2001. 

As time progressed, I wanted to explore new platforms in sharing healthy information to people seeking options in living better. 

I returned to school to study Voice acting to create the podcast- Lifestyle choices-choixdvie. 

This is how it all began..

To assist you with those choices we are all confronted with in Living healthy & enjoying life to the fullest.. 

Enjoy the experience in Living Well!

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