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While the 2020 pandemic hasn’t left.
Experts in the media are warning us that this season could be the worst for spreading Covid -19 .The threat is real.

To date there have been over 20million cases in the US and Worldwide.. over 85 million so far.

There is so much information in the media about: wearing masks-sanitizing- social distancing & quarantine- to protect ourselves from Covid-19 yet;
There is very little being shared about strengthening our own immune system through self care practices- like nutrition- being just one.
Many are waiting for the vaccine that is supposed to be the solution in ending this nightmare.

With the threat of more cases to come during the winter months.
I felt compelled to share and remind us of some additional action steps we can take to become stronger to protect us from this dreadful virus.

I’m interviewing Dr Harding ND, who has presented information in previous posts. See- (can vitamin d fight covid-19; overcome roadblocks in health ) in a separate podcast following this one, due to the length of conversation & time.

I’ve shared in previous posts thoughts taken from eastern medicine, which I believe supports Being strong and Living well in a proactive sense. ( Self care).

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Staying Healthy with the Seasons

This winter season is - Water element

winter season

Quote from Nei Ching- Known as the father of chinese medicine.

In winter, people should retire early at night and rise late in the morning ; they should wait for the rising of the sun.

In the book – Staying healthy with the Season By  Dr. Elson M Haas

“It is the time to conserve energy and resources ; Not be wasteful with your energy. We need special care in the form of nutrition, warmth and rest.”

Please refer to his book for more information; it’s a great read that provides a lot of interesting tips in being healthy.

There is a lot to learn about this element of water- Today, I’m sharing some thoughts on nutrition in relation to boosting our immune system to deal with potential  threats- such as with Covid-19.

*To avoid too much information I am sharing briefly in overview format;  for more details on specifics- let’s chat directly.

what is the Immune system?

First it’s a system.  It’s a complex network of cells and proteins that defends the body against infection. To function well, it requires balance and harmony. 

Our immune system’s purpose is to protect from invading harmful influences.

covid 19

What creates a strong Immune Function?

The question of what, can be viewed from so many differing thoughts and points of views

* Please discuss more with your Doctor for specifics for your health. 

*This post is not to treat- diagnose or take responsibility for your outcome should you try any suggestions/recommendations

  • These are my opinions- meant for information sharing purposes. 

Here are some factors that can be of influence :

  • I want to stress the importance of our mindset. 

This is, in my opinion, the most important !

“Becoming the master of our mind!” By Nichiren Daishonin  

Learning how to achieve this  is a Vital factor. 

This isn’t a one size fits all approach, there are many different methods in approaching this. Want a personalized approach? Lets talk. 

Having a  strong spirit; being confident. To not be intimidated by fear or with illness.

Yet,at the same time-Knowing we can protect ourselves and others .

In previous posts I’ve shared my opinion on Becoming strong- but how?

(preventing illness month, choose confidence in living; thoughts & tools to improve one’s mindset; can vitamin d fight covid – 19 )

  • Stay open to learning more about your own health and with our amazing ability to fight off viruses through personal self care. 
  • Another  view is with Food- healthy clean and fresh nutrient dense foodsuper food.

According to,

“Eating enough nutrients as part of a varied diet is required for the health and function of all cells, including immune cells. Certain dietary patterns may better prepare the body for microbial attacks and excess inflammation” 

It’s not always easy to get enough nutrient rich foods, but there are options…

what else can we do to Boost our Immune Function?

boost immune system

There are plenty of nutritional support for our immune system function found in 

 A few specific nutrients: Vit C- D- Zinc – Elderberry – Echinacea and others. 

It’s easy to turn to supplements when we hear about the claims made to prevent illnesses.

 It’s best to create a daily healthy meal plan infused with nutrients rather than rely on vitamins by themselves; in addition to creating  a health promoting lifestyle. We are not a one size fits all meal plan here; there are hundreds of options. 

Would you like to have some recommendations?

Want to discover some ideas that fit your specific interests and needs? 

I personally enjoy getting as many nutrients daily- by relying on healthy superfoods.  

Quick & powerful protection! 

I am connected to several reliable companies that offer a wide variety of options. 

One in particular offers a $50.00 Gift card to try them–  For more information Ask. 

I’ve personally been relying on their immune support for years and I feel really confident

that I’m giving my immune system the best support possible.

My mind is at ease as well. 

In closing

“ True health is to be found in having a positive attitude toward life and a strong self that refuses to be defeated by anything.” 

I hope we all stay healthy – strong & happy during this time and beyond. 

I’m here for you should you like to discuss anything related to your health and lifestyle choices. 

Send me a private email. I will write to you back! 

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  •  Want the $50.00 gift card? 
  • Want to try Immune boosting superfoods?
  • Watch for the next podcast featuring Dr Harding ND – discussing options in immunity support. 

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